Saturday, July 15, 2017

What a Day....

Hello, all.

I meant to post about The Sacred pre-order release yesterday, but it was a very trying and emotional day at home.

I had to say goodbye to a tree that I have loved dearly for many many years. She was the largest cottonwood in the state of Nevada. Not only that, she was the largest tree in the state of Nevada. I was amazed by how much life this tree supported. She had nests that were occupied by both Red Tail Hawk and Great Horned Owl. There was always so much activity among her boughs. I had planned to be married under this tree. Through the years, we had noticed stress and lost a few big branches, but about a month ago, we lost an entire section of the trunk around 1 in the morning. Two days ago, we lost the biggest section of the trunk, and it hit the house around 1 in the afternoon. Thankfully, of the 10+ people working the property that day, no one was near the tree and no one was hurt. The arborist came out and told us that heart rot had started in her trunk years ago. It was only a matter of a few weeks before the other 4 large sections would fall, and we could not ensure anyone's safety.
So, the very difficult decision was made to take her down professionally to avoid any injuries or damage to property. I learned a lot about this tree I loved so dearly today. She was not 200 years old, as we had first thought, but at least 500, possibly older. She was also not a group of trees that had grown together, but a single tree that had sprouted many stems from an enormous root system. After looking at the wound at the base, we also found out that she had been through a wild fire close to 300 years ago and survived enough to continue growing. We have found Native American artifacts all around this tree and know that the tree was a popular wintering spot for local tribes. She saw an enormous amount of history.

It was heart wrenching to watch her be taken down. Over 500 years to grow. 12 hours to dismantle.

The largest single piece hauled out was 15,000 lbs. This tree was enormous. Pictures will never be able to do her justice. I wish we had been able to save her, but the arborist said it was a miracle she was still standing at all since her entire base was hollow. She lived a long and exciting life! And I am sure that all the cottonwoods in this valley are her children!

However, on a different note, The Sacred became available for pre-order on Kindle yesterday! It will be fully released on July 21st, so you won't have to wait long!

Friday, July 7, 2017

The Sacred - Cover Art Reveal!

Check it out everyone! We're getting close to a new release!!!

Check back soon for more information (hint: probably a week from now!)