Monday, March 13, 2017

I Hate Daylight Savings...

Ugh, today is Daylight Savings and, as always, it screwed me up!

Because of all that, late blog post today!

I was thrilled to discover that The Faith is featured as a "Hot New Release!" My jaw hit the floor when I saw that, and there is still a part of me that is completely shocked.

We're approaching the final 5 days before The Faith is released. Between hyperventilating and trying to avoid working myself up, I have managed to plan the release party for the newest title!

This is going on now until March 19th!

Now, onto writing updates!

New Releases
The Faith - Click Here to Pre-Order!

Into Oblivion
     -Red Edits Round 1: 11% complete

Edits have started! I am actually getting more excited for this book as I edit it and work through it. Writing it felt very disjointed, but it seems to have come together better than I anticipated and I think I'm going to really enjoy working on this series from now on.

Total Words in March (so far!): 15,501

In Progress
The Sacred (The Faith Series Book 2): 5,126 words - 2% complete
Wander the Lost (Roadside Paradise Book 2): 3,812 words - 1% complete

Yeah....I know, not much change here. I am writing! I promise! Just...not these projects. But as soon as I get through my appointments today and tomorrow, I will be sure to sit my butt down and get cracking on these projects!

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