Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Renewing My Spirit and Getting Some New Ideas

Hello everyone.

To be honest, the past few months have been very rough for me.

I won't go into details about what has been troubling me, because I'm going to try and move forward and do a few new things.

First, some housekeeping.

The Dimension Guardian Series finally ended (after 11 years of work). This probably contributed to the horrid creative slump I have been in. I was considerably drained and tired after the haul of this series, and the last book of the series was very difficult to write. I still miss my boys!

So, for several months, I have been off the writing scene and wallowing in an ocean of self-doubt that I have known most writers to have. I started reading again and I could only think about how I could never write something so wonderful, and down the spiral I went.

Why the sudden change?

It may seem silly, but one review was enough to change my mind.

I got another review on Inside, Part 1 after nearly a year of getting no reviews on it. The review was so beautiful and thoughtful and told me that the reader experienced everything I wanted them to in that book. I was in tears reading it because I was so happy that one person felt all the effort I put into that story.

Let that be a lesson to you! When you leave a review, you might just be keeping a writer from quitting. Which I was about to do. You might just make their day and preserve their dreams from being trampled.

Anyway, on from the sappy stuff.

I am working on some new story ideas. One of them is a standalone and the other one is another series....I think....we'll just have to see how it goes. It might be a while before either of those come out, so in the meantime, I thought I would start something new.

As a self-published author veteran (9 books and counting), I thought I might be able to help some indie authors who are just getting started find their footing and help them through some of the more difficult things that come with writing and publishing a book outside of formal publishing houses with an agent and an editor and all of those other people. I am considering doing a vlog with different tips and tricks on writing and publishing.

Now, I am, by no means, an expert, but I can offer some ideas and tips to writers of things that I have struggled with or failed at before in my self-publishing experience.

I also thought I would answer some questions, if anyone had any, about writing and publishing, as well as provide writing prompts that would allow for writers to win giveaway prizes that would help other Indie Authors out.

What do you think? Would you be interested in something like that?

Have a questions yourself? Go ahead and contact me through the blog (right side bar) or on my website at www.kjamidon.com/contact