Monday, December 26, 2016

The Final Stretch!

Christmas has passed, and we now enter the final week of 2016. While I think many take a deep breath and relish in the end of one year and beginning of another, I am pushing hard to get some projects done before the 1st of January. While I know there is no way I can finish everything I want to before the first, I am compelled to try as hard as I can to get the Faith completed so it can move into editing.

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And, judging from how well the writing has been going the past few days, I don't think that will be too difficult.

Now, as a Christmas present to everyone, I would like to give some information on the projects most pressing on my docket. I kept The Degenerates and The Deserted quiet because they were meant to be a surprise, but in the next few months, you will be seeing more and more on upcoming projects.

Also, if you want to get more information even earlier, then you definitely want to sign up for my mailing list. At the beginning of every month, I send a newsletter out capping over the entire month and each newsletter is filled with extras that I do not release anywhere else!

Now, a little bit on The Faith:

"The Faith follows Nina Batten, a young woman living in the rich country of Midastia. Midastia is known for its beautiful landscape, friendly people, and for being the origin of The Faith—the religion that is quickly spreading across the world. Nina is running from something, from someone, and finds herself in the enemy country of Abarae. She is saved from a potentially fatal encounter by a mysterious man who agrees to be her guide through the country of Abarae. But Nina is constantly looking over her shoulder, knowing that the man she is fleeing from will stop at nothing to get her back."

At the moment, I am aiming for March as the release, and it looks like I will be able to keep that deadline! That means that in February, be prepared for cover reveals, synopsis reveals, and book trailers. I am very excited for this project. I have had the idea for it for over 10 years! 

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As for Into Oblivion, as might be obvious from the word count below, is not very far in development. The Faith is the main project right now. But I had a big breakthrough in development of that one as well! My darling hetero-life-partner's visit helped clear up all the muddled issues with it. Seriously, without you, Cheryl, I would be totally lost!

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Therefore, you are going to get a very small sneak peek into Into Oblivion, the first project I have under the name K.J. Amidon in over a year!

Into Oblivion is the story of a young woman named Athena Alexander, whose life has taken a horrible turn for the worst. While hitchhiking along a desert highway, she is almost attacked by a man in a truck stop. Another truck driver helps her hide from the man, but the driver is no ordinary man. He is part of a traveling circus known as Roadside Paradise, and with the aid of the performers, Athena's life will change forever.

I am enjoying this project, and it is nice to write as K.J. Amidon again. Since that might be confusing to some of you, allow me to explain. Kyra Anderson is the name I used for my "heavier" projects. They are generally novels that have social commentary or are meant to make a stronger statement. These books have an enormous amount of development and consideration that go into them, and at times, that can be exhausting. As K.J. Amidon, I write stories that are a little more stereotypical and easier, stories that one can just read lightly and expect the story to take (relatively) easy paths.

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Anyway, I do not have a release date decided for that book yet, as it is barely off the ground, but hopefully in the next few weeks, once The Faith wraps up and goes into editing, I will be able to push on that one.

Alright, moving on to the real updates!
New Releases:
    - The Degenerates - Click here to get your copy!

Total Words (so far!) in December: 75,655

The Deserted:
     -Red Edits Round 1: 100%
     -Blue Edits Round 1: 80%

I'm working on this one guys, I promise! As I have stated before, I generally need a rest period after big pushes on manuscripts. The editing has been very slow on this one because I have been carefully portioning the energy that goes into each project. I promise, this one will be out sooner than you think!

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In Progress
The Faith: 66,343 words- 65% complete
Into Oblivion:  8,815 words - 5% complete
Inside the Silence: 27 words - 1% complete

Well, I'm about to jump back into the fray here. It's Monday and I have a lot I want to accomplish. Gotta make the most of what's left of 2016!

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I will talk to you all soon!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!

A very Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it! 

Because it is Christmas, I will be spending time with the family and enjoying the holiday, so the writing update blog post will be up tomorrow!

Have a safe and happy holiday! 

All the Best, 

Sunday, December 18, 2016

I've Been Busy!

Happy Sunday everyone.

In case you missed it, I did release a book on Friday! I tried to keep the release a bit under wraps for several reasons, but the biggest one was that I wanted it to be a present for readers. The Degenerates is now available for purchase on Amazon!

I am thrilled to get this one out. This project was not easy to work on, and it is also the shortest thing I have ever written (yes, I am allergic to short books). However, so many were asking for more on The Significant that I felt it was only fair I release all the thought and development that went into it.

So, follow me on social media to get wind of the next one, because yes, there will be one more. Check below...

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As for writing this hasn't been easy. I really had to push on The Degenerates and I was creatively exhausted. Usually, when I finish a project, it takes me about a month before I am able to write for extended periods of time again, which is the month I generally use for development of the next story. This time, I pushed hard to finish yet another manuscript.

And now I'm breathing a huge sigh of relief.

New Releases:
    - The Degenerates - Click here to get your copy!

Total Words (so far!) in December: 59,924

The Deserted:
     -Red Edits Round 1: 20%

Yes, so, if you have read The Degenerates already (you read fast!), then you may have seen in the Author's Note that there is a second expansion book coming soon. This is the place where you will learn first how fast the editing of the next one is taking place!

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In Progress
The Faith: 52,369 words- 52% complete
Into Oblivion:  7,058 words - 2% complete
Inside the Silence: 27 words - 1% complete

First things first, you may have noticed that there are only three projects on the list right now. I'm going to try to keep it that way for a while. Inside the Silence is a stand-alone book. But the other two are series, which means that I am going to be writing them in order. As each one is finished their title will be replace with their sequel. So, more likely than not, this is how the "In Progress" is going to look for quite some time.

Now, I am thrilled that The Faith has become my primary focus. I have been wanting to work on this book for a very long time, and my friends who have known me for many years have heard me talk about this project incessantly. Hopefully, The Degenerates and The Deserted didn't take too much out of me and I can swing my focus right back onto that project. After all, I've got a release date planned for that one!

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So, if you want to be around for cover reveals and synopsis reveals, then you better follow me on social media. Click any of the links below.

And, for my strange development of the week, as of a few hours ago, I managed to hurt myself once again! My neck and shoulders are locked up, likely from stress at releasing The Degenerates. What can I say? I always have some sort of injury! But I will suffer through it to give you guys more books!

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All the best!

Friday, December 16, 2016

The Degenerates -- NEW RELEASE

Happy Friday everyone!

In light of the holiday season and the enormous amount of love I have received from my readers this year, I present to you my own holiday present for you. A brand new book, The Degenerates.

Yes, I have been keeping this project a little under-wraps, but that was because I wanted to surprise you.

This is, in fact, a prequel to The Significant. So many people asked me for more, but without a sequel I figured I could at least give you all the development that went into the book.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Muse Difficulties

Hope everyone had a wonderful week.

My week has been a struggle. And this is not like any struggle I've had previously when it comes to writing. Rather than being unable to write due to lack of energy or motivation, I have had far too much of it these days. While that seems like it's a good thing, it has actually hindered me greatly. I can't focus my energy on one project, which means I'm hopping around like a maniac and tripping myself up.

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What does that mean for upcoming projects? Honestly, I don't know yet. I'm just riding this wave as long as it lasts and I'll see where I land when I finally crash.

And if I don't crash by the end of this week, I'll figure it out!

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So, onward to these updates!

Total Words (so far!) in December: 27,888

The Degenerates:
     -Red Edits Round 1: 100%
     -Blue Edits Round 1: 100%
     -Red Edits Round 2: 100%
     -Blue Edits Round 2: 50%

Yep, I'm still pushing on this one. This second round of editing has been really tough for me, because I want to just finish this project and get it over with. As with most of my projects, I am getting cold feet about it. I'm nervous about releasing it, and I'm starting to heavily doubt whether or not I should release it.

But, I promised I would, so I will! This doubt is unavoidable for me--happens every time.

Image result for I have no choice gif

In Progress
The Deserted: 45,808 words - 50% complete
The Faith: 49,506 words- 50% complete
Into Oblivion: 2,321 words - 1% complete
Inside the Silence: 27 words - 1% complete

Image result for Not again gif

Yeah, yeah, I know, yet another new project on the list. I know. I told you my muses were all over the place lately. Ironically, this was not anywhere remotely on my list of projects yet. This was a long forgotten project that decided to push its way to the front of my brain. This is why my muses need to chill out.

But, thankfully, I did make some decent progress on The Deserted. I will keep you updated on when that one moves into editing. The list of the ones in progress is in order of priority, so that should be the order in which they are finished (should being the operative word, there).

That's how my week went. Not bad for writing, though I wish my brain could focus on one project at a time!!

All the best!!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Planning 2017

Happy Sunday everyone!

The past week has been a bit strange, to be honest, so writing did not happen as much as I would have liked, but hey, life happens! I was called into the office to cover for the boss while she went on a trip, so I was back at the office for two days. When you leave for a month, you really lose track of what's going on! But I made it through, and will be back to my writing full-time next week.

Image result for i have no idea what i'm doing

A little update on my leg--I had another appointment to confirm there was not a hairline fracture and i am break-free! Amazingly, my bones are fully, 100% in-tact after being crushed by a 1,000 pound animal. After examining my leg and looking at the x-rays, the doctor confirmed that my horse's weight fell just beyond the bone, crushing my calf and Achilles tendon instead, which explains why straightening my leg and putting my heel on the ground is an agonizing experience.

But I'm on the mend. The nerve damage is going to take the longest to heal, but I'm already miles ahead of where I was three weeks ago--and yes, it's been three weeks to the day since the accident.

I know, you're not here for the leg updates!

Image result for you know me so well gif

Here are the writing updates!

Total Words (so far!) in December: 6,740

The Degenerates:
     -Red Edits Round 1: 100%
     -Blue Edits Round 1: 100%
     -Red Edits Round 2: 0%

Yes, this might be shocking to most of you, but I really pushed myself to get this one edited fast. I am letting it rest for a little bit before going through Round 2. That is also why there have not been many words written this week. I had my head down to edit The Degenerates.

In Progress
The Deserted: 21,541 words - 18% complete
The Faith: 49,206 words- 50% complete
Inside the Silence: 27 words - 1% complete

As you can see, I'm pushing to complete The Deserted, which means, for the next week or so, The Faith and Inside the Silence will not be touched (sorry!). There are only so many hours in the day and only so much mental energy I can exert at a time. I'll get to them soon, I promise!

Image result for I'm trying gif

For those of you who have not seen it yet, the cover of The Significant was updated! Readers seemed to really like the new cover, so I went ahead and updated it!

Now, some of you might not know this (still), but I do write under two different pennames. So for all these projects you're seeing under the name Kyra Anderson, and you wonder why my social media has this "K.J. Amidon" person everywhere, that's because that's also me.

Image result for called a pen name gif

Every single project in progress up there is under the name Kyra Anderson. By the end of this month, it will be a year since I released anything under the name K.J. Amidon when the Dimension Guardian series wrapped up (I'm not crying, you're crying!). I do have another project sitting in the wings for that penname, and you might see that randomly show up in the "editing" tab in the next few weeks.

Truth be known (I have no idea if it's documented anywhere on this blog), I was working on that series and then put it aside because I was not happy with it. But now that I've stepped away from the project for a few months, the characters are back and they seem to be less bratty now. So I might pick up that manuscript again and you might see it in the first few months of 2017.

I have been trying to determine how I want to release titles in 2017. At the moment, there are 3 that will be released in the first 6 months, so I'm trying to plan out how I want to proceed with everything. As much as I would love to just release everything as soon as it's finished, I will burn myself out if I do that, so I'm going to have to stagger releases.

The good news you're supposed to gleam from that is that there will be new titles and soon!

That's what I've got for you today! Have a great Sunday and stay warm out there! I don't know if it's super cold where you are, but it's freezing here!

Happy puppy in the snow~

All the best!!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Goodbye November, Hello Winter!

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed the last full week of November. By the next post, December will have arrived! I don't know if anyone else has a favorite month, but November as mine. So as much as I love snow, holidays, and winter decorations, I am sad to see November go...

Image result for bye bye gif

But November has been a very productive month for me--relatively speaking. It is my first month as a full-time writer and I did okay on writing. I managed to enter a few contests, write the entirety of a new manuscript and get half-way through a large project that has been on my list for years! 

Granted, my injury did make it a little more difficult to write. I have back problems and pinched nerves, so only being able to move a certain way and sit in certain positions did make it very difficult for me to stay in the same place for a long time, even to write.

But the good news is that I seem to be on the road to recovery! The swelling in my ankle has gone down to the point where I can actually see the bones in my ankle once more. However, the bruises that have surfaced are nice and black...

I still cannot put weight on it, but I am able to straighten my leg more than two weeks ago. There is also nerve damage that will take a very long time to heal. My goal is simply to walk like a human being again by the new year. 

Now, onto the writing updates!

Related image

A few new things are in store. First, there is a poll I will be holding for a few weeks. I have been considering changing the cover of The Significant. It is a difficult decision for me, as I really like the cover it has, but I would like to post a question to my readers about a possible new cover. Just sound off in the comments below or on my social media pages what you think of the possible new cover. If I get good response from it, I will change the cover in the beginning of 2017. 

Now, for the new project updates!

Good news, yesterday, I finished the rough draft of The Degenerates! (Total words: 66,483)

Image result for thank god gif
Ignore the bad grammar...

This project was surprisingly difficult, but the hardest part is over. That means that The Degenerates is now moving into what I call my "Red Editing" stage. I do four rounds of editing, the first round is Red Edits where I do an enormous amount of editing with a red pen. After that, I go to Blue Edits, which is more for flow and story development. Then I do it all over again! It's not really a lot of fun, but very very necessary. 

So now, you will be seeing updates that look like this:

Total Words in November: 106,510 

Red Edits
The Degenerates - 5% Complete 

In Progress:
The Deserted: 14,801 words - 15% complete (Likely to be updated later tonight)
The Faith: 49,206 words - 50% complete
Inside the Silence: 27 words - 1% complete

What?! Is that a new project?

Yep! Another one has been added to the docket. This particular project might move kind of slow, but I will keep you updated as it has taken The Degenerate's place on the In Progress list! Check back or sign up for my monthly newsletter to stay up-to-date on yet another project!

Well, that's what I've got for you today! Follow me on social media to sound off on the possible new cover for The Significant and for more constant updates about what's going on with the projects! 

All the best!!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

What do you do when you can't move? Write!

Hello everyone~

Well, it has officially been one week since my accident with my horse (we're both fine), but it has greatly limited my ability to move. You can see for yourself in the picture.

So, what has happened? I've been writing up a storm!

During the writing, made a bit of a change. You may have noticed on the previous posts that I have four books going at the moment. Well, that has gone down to three now. In the process of writing "The Descendants" I realized that it would be better to combine the story elements of the "The Descendants" and "The Degenerates." Therefore, they have become the same book under the title of
"The Degenerates."

I am really hoping to get those two done quickly because I would very much like to release them. You can see by the word count below that it is finally picking up speed now that I found a better way to tell the story. As I still cannot really move all that much, I am really hoping for some good writing time in the next few days before Thanksgiving so that I can get these done and out to you guys to enjoy.

Now, about "The Faith" Book 1. Here's the deal, if there is a book I would rather be writing, it would be this one. I did a huge sprint on it early in the week, and then purposely pushed it to the side to work on "The Degenerates," since I plan to release that one before "The Faith." But that book has been an absolute blast to write.

So, at the moment, with it half-way done, I am looking to release it March 2017. That means that, once the rough draft is done, I will release the synopsis, eventually release the cover, and in the meantime, you get to scratch your heads wondering what "The Degenerates" and "The Deserted" are, because they are still a surprise!

Words, words, words. I actually finished the NaNoWriMo Challenge on Nov. 17, and since have been a little more lax about counting my words. Therefore, these words counts are not what I have written this week, but the word count of the entire book with approximate completion on the rough draft. I will, however, keep up with my words written in November count.

Words in November: 67,447

The Faith: 49,206 - 50% finished (over 10,000 words this week!)
The Degenerates: 43,207 - 70% finished
The Descendants: 14,801 - 15% finished

Alright everyone! That's it for me today!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Week 2!

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Well, this week has been interesting. I had a little virus that kept me very quiet for the beginning of the week, just in time to be bombarded with everything going on surrounding the presidential election.

No, I do not plan to post my opinions. There are plenty of boisterous voices on the internet as it is. My only plea to everyone is to be kind to one another.

Finally getting past the worst of this little bug, I managed to get some writing done. It is difficult to decide which projects to work on which days. Generally, I have two projects going on that do not have timelines on them. Now, I have two projects going that have time lines and a third that has a very tentative timeline. Trying to divide my energy between all of them is difficult, particularly this time of year as the holidays draw close and it is time to spend with loved ones.

Some great news is that The Significant received runner-up in the Shelf Unbound Indie Book Awards for 2016! Even though it is only a runner-up position, I still feel honored and thrilled that so many are finding The Significant enjoyable and captivating!

I'm also thinking about changing the cover of the Significant in the new year. Thoughts?

As for the NaNoWriMo updates, here are the words and approximate completions of the projects currently in the works!

Total Words in November: 29,943

The Descendants - 9,690 - 30% complete
The Degenerates - 3,762 - 10 % complete
The Deserted - 4,520 - 15% complete
The Faith, Book 1 - 9,066 - 40% complete

That is what I have for you. Be good to one another and try to find peace in these turbulent times.

Now, I would have written more, but, if you follow me on social media, you'll know that I had an accident on my horse today. To summarize, my horse lost his footing, tumbled head first down, his butt came up and crashed down on my leg. Thankfully, it is not broken! But I cannot put weight on it, and it hurts like the dickens!

Hopefully, this will force me to keep my butt at the computer and write!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sunday Update! NaNoWriMo

Happy Sunday Morning everyone!

Since I will be spending most of the day with my family, I will likely not get much writing done today. Therefore, I would like to just give a quick update on my NaNoWriMoprogress over the last 5 days.

Total Words Written: 14,541

The Descendants - 6,259
The Degenerates - 3,762
The Deserted -  4,520
The Faith Book 1 -  0

I might be slowing progress on the Descendants and shift some focus onto the Faith. But, the next weekly update will let you know how successful I am!

For more frequent updates, be sure to follow my social media pages!

Friday, November 4, 2016

Happy Friday!!

A very happy Friday to everyone! I have a surprise for you!

The Significant - Book Trailer

Yep, that is a book trailer for the Significant. A lot of work and love went into that little video! I figure since everyone seems to like that book so much, a book trailer was a good way to show some appreciation. So send it around to everyone you think should read the book!

Granted, working on this has taken some time away from putting words down in new manuscripts, but that's alright. It's done and I can get back to fighting with fictional characters.

Image result for i'm not crazy gif

Even though we're not done with the first week of NaNoWriMo, I thought I would give everyone a small update on words put into the books for the last three days. Keep in mind, this was when I was putting in a lot of hours editing that trailer!

The Descendants - 2,964
The Degenerates - 3,006
The Deserted - 2,689
Faith (Book 1) - 0

Alright everyone, I'll see you all Sunday night with a better update on words written so far!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Life Changes, Updates, and Preparations

Hello everyone! Long time no see!

I know, I know. It has been a very long time since I have updated the blog. I would come up with some excuses, but the fact is life got in the way and, for a time, priorities had to shift.

Image result for sorry gif

With that, I would just like to give a few brief updates!

Told ya!
I have been slowly transitioning into living up at the lake house. It has always been where I've written best, but the house needed a lot of work before I could find a way to live up there full time. So, every weekend for months, I have been going up there, rearranging, organizing, and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Once the roof was fixed so that the bats no longer had reign of the place, the my furniture was moved into place, and the kitchen was cleaned (this included getting rid of the 13 containers of Maple Syrup that have been there for who-knows-how-long).

The most recent extravaganza was the firewood fiasco. For those of you who follow me on social media, you probably saw the pictures of my dawn drive to the lake and the fun I had stacking the firewood from the back of my truck after hauling it down from the mountains. For a place where the houses are mostly heated by burning firewood, it was surprisingly difficult to find firewood. Everywhere around would either not return my calls, or were out of firewood for the season. This continued for two months!!

Thankfully, I managed to get enough to last me through the month, which will allow me some time to find more, should I need it.

Now, I am proud to announce that, at the moment, I have transitioned into full-time writer! Friday was my last day at work, though I am only on temporary leave and will make a final decision about my employment at the end of the year when I have had time to work on new projects and really throw my shoulder into being an author.

Image result for woohoo gif

That did mean putting in extra hours to supplement some of the expenses of moving up there. I had to work until I could afford to put new tires on my car and buy firewood, etc. But with that taken care of, it's off to various worlds that have been spinning in my head for years.

Image result for nanowrimo logoSo, without further ado, it's time to talk about NaNoWriMo!

If you don't know what NaNoWriMo is, it is the National Novel Writing Month ( The goal of NaNoWriMo is to write 50,000 words in the month of November. I have participated for the last four years, but I always used the Dimension Guardian series as my books so that I could buckle down and write those. However, since the series is over (I'm trying not to cry), I have to decide on a new project to buckle down on (I don't worry about the word count, only finishing the draft).

Here's the scoop on upcoming projects. I want to keep some a little secret, but I'll elude to them exclusive for people who visit the blog! I have six novel first drafts that I want to try and finish by the end of  the year. I know, that is extremely ambitious, and I likely will not finish all six. Some I have already started, and therefore should be easier to write. There is one that I will not post updates on because I am not sure that I am going to release it at all.

**Note: Don't worry, I don't cheat on NaNoWriMo. I only log the words I have written starting  November 1st, not anything written prior.

Here is the list of projects:

     ~The Descendants
               --10% complete
     ~The Degenerates
               --5% complete
     ~The Deserted
               --1% complete
     ~Faith 1
               --18% complete
     ~Faith 2
               --0% complete

I will not explain the Descendants series, because I want it to be a little bit of a surprise, but I don't want you to think I'm not working on something! And, as you can see, there is a new series coming up! This one might take a little longer to release, but I'll keep you updated as I reveal the cover and synopsis when it gets further along.

Now, to talk about preparations.

Since I plan to write full time for at least the month of November, you're probably gonna see a lot more from me on my social media pages. To follow me on social media, click any of the links below. I will be posting updates about the progress of the five books listed above and my progress in  NaNoWriMo.

Alright everyone! November will be upon us in a matter of hours! Time to start this new chapter!

Monday, July 11, 2016

All You Need is Love!

Wow! What an amazing week!

If you follow me on Facebook, you've probably seen my numerous posts of thanks and appreciation for the amount of love The Significant is getting. At the height (so far), it reached #8 in the Lesbian Romance genre and #42 in the Dystopian genre. It was far more than I could have ever hoped for! It's been like a dream come true!

The reviews on The Significant have been beautiful as well! This is the fastest and most positive response I have received on any of my work.

I can't wait to see how it continues!

It has also made me go back to Inside and do some clean-up on it. It's been over 2 years since I last looked at it! After I'm through with that, it's time to go back to the Dimension Guardian series and doing the same (it really needs it!).

Just to update everyone on some upcoming projects. I am hoping to release another book nearing the end of the year under the K.J. Amidon penname. There is also another project already in the works for the Kyra Anderson penname, but I'm gonna keep that under wraps for now, as it will not be out until next year.

Thank you again for all of your support for The Significant. This was the project that I almost abandoned and almost gave up writing all together. But I pushed through, thanks to friends and family, and now I am receiving so much love and support that I could never express my gratitude. Thank you!

Follow this blog, or my social media pages to stay up-to-date with this blog and the updates on the progress of The Significant and other projects! If you have a question about writing, publishing, or anything in general, feel free to post to my Facebook page, or tweet your question to me @kjamidon.

Don't forget to check out my own novels as well! Click the links below!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Whirl-Wind Trip to Singapore!!

Hello everyone! Long time, no see!!

Perhaps later today or tomorrow, I will post a bit on the amazing response I have been getting for The Significant, but I wanted to update you all on the whirl-wind trip I did to Singapore right before I released The Significant.

I know I went quiet here for a while, and that was because this trip was a little out of the blue, and between working, finishing everything for the new book, and life in general, I had a lot to handle before zipping off to Singapore.

Singapore was never a place I had thought about visiting. When I was living in Japan, I heard about people taking vacations there and how beautiful it was and even saw many of their pictures from their trips. Having been there myself now, I must say it is one of the best cities I have ever been to. I'm not really a fan of big cities (I'm a bit of a country girl, honestly), but Singapore was stunning.

Alongside the Raffles Hotel
The flight over was 16 hours, and Miss I-White-Knuckle-Through-Every-Small-Bump over here was very thankful to get off the plane. Even the airport was stunning. There was art and sculptures and beautiful architectural details everywhere I turned.

Of course, when I stepped outside, the humidity zapped away all energy I had left after a very long plane ride. Now, it has been nearly 4 years since I first landed in Japan, and 3 years since I returned to the U.S. and I had completely forgotten how much I hate humidity (I'm from the desert!) But, once we got to the hotel and I changed into a skirt and less form-fitting clothes, I felt better.

Singapore is not a particularly large city by my standards, and most of what we wanted to see we were able to walk to (if you could duck into shops and such along the way to cool down a little). We stayed at the Carlton, which is right across the street from the historic Raffles Hotel, and is very central to everything in Singapore. According to my phone tracker, we walked about 21 miles through the weekend we were there (46,218 steps!).

Since we mostly did sight-seeing, I'm going to let the pictures do most of the talking!

Singapore Flyer

Marina Bay Sands

Super Trees at Gardens by the Bay

Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay

Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay

Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay

Flower Dome

Flower Dome

Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay

Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest

Night Safari, where you see the animals in the dark!

In the SkyPark atop the Marina Bay Sands

Little India

Keith Harding-looking Street Art

Raffles Hotel

Raffles Hotel

Long Bar at Raffles Hotel

Famous Singapore Sling--DELICIOUS!!

The Merlion Park

Merlion Park with the Marina Bay Sands in the distance

Light Show at the Merlion Park

Art in Singapore Airport